1. Age Requirement by June

  1. Requirements for Application for Entrance Examination:
  1. Application Form *

  2. Certified True Copy of Report Card (No grade lower than 83%)

  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the School Head/Principal or Guidance Counselor

  4. Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate *

  5. Two 1x1 I.D. pictures taken recently *

  6. Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate *

  7. Medical Certificate with Immunization Record (Immunization Record is for Nursery to Gr. 1 only) *

  8. Recommendation Form

  9. DepEd Permit (For foreign applicants only)

  10. Long Brown Envelope (To be submitted with the requirements) *

        * Requirements needed for Nursery Applicants


     For New Students &Transferees

     Preschool and Grade School

  1. Submit the requirements at the Guidance Office to secure an application form.

  2. Fill up the application form.

  3. Pay the testing fee.

  4. Secure DLA Recommendation Form for GS and HS applicants.

  5. The applicant will be given an Entrance Examination Permit to be presented on the scheduled day of the test.  Release of test results will be indicated on the said permit.

  6. If the required documents are complete, test result will be released on the day itself for Preschool applicants and after (3) three working days for Grade School applicants. (No test results will be released over the phone)

  • High School follow steps 1 – 5.
  1. Applicants who passed the written test will be given the Interview Appointment Slip.  They are to undergo interview by the Guidance Coordinator and physical inspection by the School Nurse/Physician. 

  2. The Final Test Result will be released by the Guidance and Admissions personnel after the physical inspection.

        * DLA Recommendation Form is to be accomplished by the Principal or Guidance Counselor of the applicant's current school. 
          This form should be submitted on the scheduled date of exam.



  • Divine Light Academy, LP – Manuela Subdivision., Las Piņas City
  • Divine Light Academy, Bacoor – Town & Country West Subd., Molino 3, Bacoor City, Cavite
  1. For new students, present test result, enrolment slip, probation contract & waiver form (for non-Catholics only) to the Registrar.  For old students, present Original Report Card to the Registrar and secure enrolment form.

  2. Fill up enrolment form and present to the Registrar for checking.

  3. Proceed to the assessment section for the assessment of fees.

  4. Pay assessed fees to the cashier.

  5. Present Official Receipt and the Registrar’s copy to the Registrar and secure Admission Slip.

Nota Bene:  Please keep admission slip to be presented to the class adviser on the first day of classes.


  1. Annual payment – corresponding rebates are given.

  2. Semi-annual payment – corresponding rebates are given.

  3. Installment Mode

Tuition & other required fees are posted on school bulletin boards during enrolment period.

* We offer scholarships to deserving High School Students and to 3 or more siblings enrolled in DLA


  1. Special enrolment for old students...... Jan. 22  - Mar. 28

  2. Qualified New students.......................Mar. 3 - 28

  3. Regular enrolment for old students...... April 1 - 30

CHOICE OF SESSION (Morning or Afternoon) will be strictly on a FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVED basis.